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Kite Workshops

A school kite workshop is a fun way to enhance art, science, history or social studies classes. Kites can brighten a sports or fun day and make a great project for special occasions such as Father's day.

Kite Workshops

For clubs or community events kites can be a colourful addition when celebrating festivals or holidays such as Canada Day or 'One Sky, One World' Fly for Peace. Girl Guides and Scouts Canada use our services at regular meetings or for special events such as Jamborees.

A kite workshop is also a fun event at birthday parties, staff picnics or other venues where kite building and flying can be done.

The workshop includes information on safety and a discussion on the importance of kites scientifically and historically around the world. Depending upon time and space available, kites of various designs and styles that I have acquired from different countries will be displayed.

Our product can be constructed easily in a 40-minute school period block. Each kite kit is complete and guaranteed to fly when assembled properly.

There is a $50.00 workshop fee for each half day session. As well, there is a minimum order that is determined by travel time as displayed below:

Travel Time
  • Less than 1 hour travel time, minimum order is 25 kites
  • 1 to 2 hours travel time, minimum order is 50 kites
  • Greater than 2 hours travel Contact Us to discuss
To book a workshop Contact Us to reserve your time.

...yes, they really do fly!

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