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Kite Kits

The decorative possibilites are endless...

Our kites are not decorated so the children can decorate them if desired. This way the artwork is unique to that child's personality and interests.

Plastic Kites - $4.50 each

(plus applicable taxes and shipping)

Standard plastic colours available are red,
blue, green, pink and yellow.
Plastic kites are colourful and need no decorating but can be decorated with permanent felt markers, china markers or stickers.

Plastic Kites

Synthetic Kites - $5.50 each

(plus applicable taxes and shipping)

Synthetic kites are more durable than plastic kites and fly in stronger winds. Since they only come in white they are suitable for decorating with wax crayons, permanent felt markers, pencil crayons, china markers, or any waterproof medium.

Synthetic Kites

When correctly assembled both styles of our kites are guaranteed to fly!

Each Windrush kite kit includes:

  • coloured plastic or synthetic kit skin (measuring 70 by 56 cm or 27¾ by 22 inches)
  • sticks
  • pre-cut tape
  • handle with approximately 40 metres (85 ft.) of string
  • tails
  • simple, step-by-step assembly instructions
  • one assembled sample kite
  • Absolutely no additional materials are needed for assembly

... yes, they really do fly!

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